How to Enjoy Tea Differently

When you enjoy doing something so much so that you do it almost every day, things tend to go stale and boring. You practically lose interest in the very thing that you love doing and your life may never be the same afterward. Such regularity brings a sense of “been there, done that” which is bad because you are left unable to enjoy the things you did in the past now. The worse that could happen is you would think that you no longer have to do it at all now that the sense of familiarity has turned into boredom. This also applies to drinking tea. You love the smell of freshness radiating out of the cup. You love the beverage’s variegated hues, from dark red to clear green. You love all the health benefits a cup of tea contains. You love tea so much you vow to drink it for eternity. But just wait until one month of drinking tea passes and then we can talk. If you have not been bored by the frequency at which you drink tea past that time, you are indeed an avid tea drinker. But what if it is the other way around? What if in just one month you grow bored of the activity—or maybe under one month. You would lose your chance to get the benefits of a cup of tea. You will never be able to enjoy its smell and flavor. You might as well ditch the tea altogether out of getting much saturated by the regularity of it. If this is what happens, is there anything else you can do to revert back to where it was before? Or does it mean you have lost your chance to enjoy tea and everything else tied to it for eternity too?

The key to breaking pattern is variation. When you deviate from what you regularly go through, pattern will evolve into something else new and that would be a great way to refresh everything. In the event that you find your tea drinking activity growing stale, you can put a spin on the beverage. For example, boiling herbs and other ingredients and subsequently mixing it with tea and ice cubes would be a great way to fix a fresh beverage for a hot afternoon. Tea is also perfect to turn into a dessert. Combine one part fermented black glutinous rice with one part boiled coconut milk and one part tea and top it with shaved ice to create a nice treat for when you get a break off the office.

When you try the traditional drink recipes that use tea as their base, you will be able to enjoy tea the way you never did before. In addition to being able to enjoy tea in different forms and ways, added ingredients and herbs should be able to increase health values you can take off the beverages. In a sense, not only will you be able to enjoy tea without fearing that it would be boring after sometimes, but you will also improve your health along the way.

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